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Research & Development

Research and development

MICRO EL – always one step ahead

Founded in 1996, MICRO EL based his production, from the start, exclusively on own development of microprocessor devices. The commitment of the company to research and development over the time, has proven to be an investment in a secure future, sustained growth and long-term survival on the market.

Today we are present in international markets as one of the leading manufacturers specialized in remote control, measurement, control, monitoring, alarm and telemetry based on GSM technology. So far we have produced over 5000 GSM devices, of which over 60% were exported to the Western European market. We have provided a complete technical solution for remote monitoring of water consumption in more than 700 public and commercial buildings across Croatia.

In close cooperation with our clients, we can customize our existing products to meet their needs and develop and produce OEM solutions for the customers specific requirements, under their own brand. We work with several European heating manufacturer, providing them a complete GSM/GPRS communications solution for monitoring, control, fault detection and monitoring of parameter of the heating system, via cell phone or internet.