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The X-LOG GSM/GPRS battery powered DataLogger combines a multi channel analog/digital input data logger with a GSM/GPRS modem to provide a all in one instrument for data logging, remote data acquisition, alarm and control. Thanks to advanced microprocessor technology applied, X-LOG is consuming incredibly low power and that allowes it to have up to 30 years autonomy with single built-in lithium battery.


2.008- XLOG GPRS SMS data logger telemetrijaMICRO EL's telemetry system provides remotely realtime access and 2-way communication with environmental monitoring systems via GSM/GPRS communication.
XLOG is the latest innovation in the MICRO EL GSM/GPRS product family. XLOG is a low cost, waterproof, battery powered GSM/GPRS data logger with pulse, digital and analog inputs and remotely controllable digital outputs. It has up to 4 pulse inputs for water or gas flow metering and 2 (possibly more) analog inputs for connecting diferent types of sensors with standard output 0-5V or 4-20mA (others on demand), for example sensors for measuring water level, water pressure, temperature, current, voltage...

XLOG GPRS/SMS DataLogger simply 2.010- XLOG GPRS SMS data logger covjek s racunalomcollects informations from the monitored location and stores them in the internal memory.This informations are then sent via SMS messages or via TCP/IP over GPRS to the server. The user can define the number of readings per report and number of reports per day, depending on the application or the special demands of the monitoring system. All the data are collected in regular time intervals, and in case of an alarm situation, immediate alarm reports are sent to server and to mobile phone of authorized person from service company.



  • data Logger with integrated GSM/GPRS module
  • robust enclosure - protection class IP67 (waterproof, dust proof)2.011- XLOG GSMGPRS data logger
  • 4 digital inputs for pulse flow meters
  • 2 extension slots for optional modules for auxillary sensors
  • possible to extend inputs and outputs
  • alarm reports in case of exceeding user defined limits on any sensor/meter
  • Real Time Clock – automatically syncronised with the server
  • access via the Internet browser interface
  • appliable at any location in the world that is covered by the GSM / GPRS signal
  • user adjustable settings: the number of daily reports, the cycles of sending data, alarms ...
  • remote configuration of different parameters
  • data storage on internal memory and periodical upload to the server
  • data transfer via GPRS and SMS
  • up to 60 reports a day - up to 24 measurements per report and channel- (XLOG 21) or up to 1440 measurements per report and channel- high capacity data storage (XLOG 42)
  • autonomous power supply with its own internal battery - calculated battery life up to 30 years (depending on the number of daily reports, the number of attached sensors...)
  • monitoring the signal strength, battery voltage

Battery supply
XLOG GPRS/ SMS DataLogger is standalone battery powered data logger, that gives him flexibility to be installed in any place regardless of the availability of the power supply installation. XLOG is designed to work in power-saving hibernating mode, that allowes it to have up to 30 years autonomy with a single built-in lithium battery (this calculation is made for measuring on 4 pulse water meters every 15 minutes, and 1 GPRS/SMS report per day).

XLOG GPRS/SMS DataLogger works wherever GSM/GPRS signal is available. In-built GSM high-performance antenna ensures strong signal reception, even in the meter-chamber. External antenna can be fitted to SMA connector if network signal is very poor

Sensors and transmitters
Depending on the model, XLOG may have up to 4 pulse inputs. On the analog inputs different kind of sensors can be connected, and they can be powered from the common battery. Sensor can be 0-5V, or 4-20mA, for example for measuring water level, temperature, pressure, current, voltage sensor, different water quality sensors as PH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, wind speed and humidity sensor...

Harsh environment enclosure
Very robust, polycarbonate waterproof enclosure is suitable for harsh outdoor environments. XLOG can be mounted directly to meter chamber. Mounting tabs are very useful, because they are enabling easy wall mounting without extra tools and accessories.

OEMs: Branding, customization and support for other protocols
XLOG is used in different market segments. Even though the products are already customized for the specific applications, we can make modifications to suit your specific needs. Or we can just give you our protocol documentations and help your software team to customize your existing aplication for our devices.



  • cost savings- no need to collect data on the filed, for infrastructure maintenance, for energy consumption and inventories
  • robust and waterproof enclosure for severe environments
  • easy installation thanks to mounting tabs that enable easy wall mounting installation
    with no need for opening the box in the field
  • provides easy access to all data over any web browser, from any computer or smartphone in the world
  • short time and easy in-house implementation and fast personnel introduction and training,
    demanding no extra skills
  • reliability that is resulting from 16 years of MICRO EL's experience with GSM/GPRS remote control technology
  • maintainance free for years thanks to long battery life and highest component quality production
  • low cost data loggers - cost-effective even for small water supply systems2.012- xlog shema curenja
  • simple analysis of data using graphic and tabular representation
  • alarm reports send to maintenance company, provide quick and appropriate response
    to potential problems in the system and prevent possible damage and losses
  • enables centralized monitoring for companies who have to monitor several locations
  • simple overview of all parameters of an object from one central place
  • low service charges based on very low data traffic
  • OEMs branding, customization and support for other protocols


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XLOG Management Software

XLOG GPRS/SMS datalogger can operate as a standalone device, sending users data through SMS/e-mail or in combination with XLOG management software. The system enables sophisticated monitoring methods, raising the quality of monitoring service, faster and easier detection of irregularities, clearer data organization, lower labor costs, etc.

XLOG management sxlog baza loginoftware is customised for companies that need to monitor large number of meters spread through one or more facilities.The supervising personnel can monitor all locations they are responisble for from one place and that enables fast and efficient performing of assignments. XLOG provides all around monitoring of all parameters in an object, so if necessary, the supervising personnel can monitor all parameters in their domain (e.g. the facilitiy management company can overview all data from boiler rooms, air conditioning system, consumption of water, electricity, gas and energy, flood and fire alarms and other necessary information for specific facility).

XLOG management software is very useful for small users, allowing them a quick and transparent report view from the metering place, without need for continuous recording and storing the content of text messages, and organize them in spreadsheet programs, identifying irregularities by adding data, manual comparisons, etc.

MICRO EL Data logger devices & XLOG management software offer complete solution for energy and equipment savings in facility, energy and plant menagment service.

XLOG management software collects data from meters, witch are processed and displayed to users on their desktop computers or smartphones in the shape of tables, graphs, reports the informations about consumptions, historical trends, system anlysis, regular events, and system alarms.

XLOG management software is web based application, that means it offers easy access from any dekstop computer or smart phone in the world, without need for special hardware or software installations.

All the data are collected and presented to the user in the form of customized reports and graphs for consumption per single meter, for group of meters or for the whole facility. All the data is collected in regular time intervals, and in the case of alarm situation (too high consumption, high temperature, high pressure or other) additional alarm reports are sent to server and to mobile phone of authorized person from service company. In the event of an alarm, XLOG can be programmed to automatically send data more frequently.
2.028- XLOG baza1

Very importan information that XLOG provides, is the minimum night consumption measuring at the monitored location. This information is regularly sent to the server together with regular reports and will later be crucial for water leak diagnostic by XLOG management software.

XLOG management software is very practical and comprehensive tool for facility, engineering, and plant management personnel, allowing them to get exact detailed informations of energy consumption for each facility they are responsible for, all in one database. It allows them to manage all the activities from one centralized place and thus improve the processes and save the costs.

Real-time monitoring, analyzing and alarm notifications enable appropiate reaction, thus avoiding problems in the facility, preventing possible damage or downtime costs. Dynamicaly and constant analysing enables identifying the energy waste, under-capacitating or overworking of the system and it suggest ways to save energy and eqipment.






Optional equipment

1.016- senzor temp. izrezani copy

  • temperature sensor

1.017- sezor za vodu izrezani MALI

  • flood detector

2.001- senzor tlaka A 10 2942 2942

  • pressure sensor

3.005- magnetni kontakt 300dpi

  • alarm detector

3.007- senzor kise 300dpi

  • rainfall sensor

3.010- windsenzor300cmk

  • wind speed sensor



XLOG GPRSSMS water&gas monitoring catalog _ENG.pdf.pdf
XLOG GPRSSMS water&gas monitoring katalog _HRV.pdf.pdf

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