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ISH exhibition Frankfurt 2011

ISHfrankfurtMicro El was once again exhibiting his own products on the the largest and most influential trade shows for heating, air-conditioning and plumbing.

On the 26th ISH exhibition in Frankfurt, the largest and most distinguished exhibition for heating, air-conditioning and plumbing, Micro el and other croatian companies presented and compared their products with foreign competition placed in 20
exhibiting halls on 260.000 m2, 2400 exhibitors and 204 000 visitors. This leading international exhibition is being held for over 50 years - a half century of success - and all leading manufacturer of heating, air-conditioning, cooling, installation and plumbing equipment are present on this exhibition.

Micro el was once again exhibiting with own exhibitor space in hall 10.2., which is traditionally reserved for leading companies in the regulation and automation business. The fair was held from 15th - 19th March 2011. After 5 exciting days spent on the exhibition, we can proudly say that the interest for our products exceeded our
expectations and this can be attributed to a good prepared exhibiting appearance. We traditionally presented our product range but this time we also prepared a special demo panel, where the visitors were able to try out our TELECONTROL device.
This was very attractive and many visitors were intersted and they have seen how easy TELECONTROL can be used and how they now can communicate with their heating system. "THE HEATING IS OFF, THE TEMPERATURE IS 23" was shouting through the whole hall. This year we also presented for the first time our XLOG Datalogger. This device with remote measuring and automation system offers a complete solution for energy and equipment savings.

The goal of every exhibition, specially on such large and important exhibitions, is to present your own products, see what the competition is offering and to find some new business contacts. We are very satisfied with contacts that we achieved on the
exhibition. We made some arrangements with a few heating manufacturers about producing devices specially for their heating systems and we had also contacts with some large distributors who are interested to be representatives for our products in
their countries.

Published: 12.06.2012.