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Relocation notice

Dear customers, colleagues and friends,

since the development of our high-quality products requires new production and working areas, we decided to move.
Micro El d.o.o. is pleased to welcome you at our new address:
Kušlanova 2/1, 10000 Zagreb
(corner of Maksimirska and Kušlanova street)
To find us more easily - we are in the building of the ITC (Institute of Transport and Communications) and HZ (Croatian Railways), on the first floor.

obavijestopreseljenjuThe telephone numbers  remain unchanged:
tel: 01/2344-414
fax: 01/2445-843
GSM: 091-5312-181,091-2344-418
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Visit us in our new location!
Parking in the backyard of the building (please announce at the entrance).


Date: 1.3.2012.