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About us

About us

3.006- MICRO EL o nama

MICRO EL d.o.o  is a company with years of experience in designing and producing electronic devices in the field of remote control and home automation. Founded in 1996, the company based the production exclusively on own development of new high-tech products. MICRO EL is the leading croatian manufacturer of devices for remote control, measuring, regulation, supervision and notification.

The company is characterized by a sophisticated and innovative approach to the development of new devices, as well as through the application of advanced solutions with a focus on customer needs. The years of effort invested into the development and use of modern technological methods enables MICRO EL to achieve a required level in order to successfully compete with major world producers. Since 2005, the company takes part in international specialized exhibitions and expands its business in the international market, such as in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Iceland ...


MICRO EL d.o.o

Kušlanova  2 

10000 Zagreb, Croatia 

OIB 3563644700


Tel.: +385-1-2344-414

Fax: . +385-1-2445-843

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